SledgePad is a head to head dampening system custom made for any bass drum depth. Our product is made from high quality two inch wedge acoustic foam. We have four sizes and each represents a different degree of dampening. The revolutionary vented models are not found anywhere else in the world. They accurately dampen the bass drum, stay in place and look great. We received our patent in December of 2016 after a 3 year process. We were able to grow our SledgePad Artists at NAMM and Johnny Rabb with Collective Soul has had our pad on tour for the last year with great reviews. To quote Johnny Rabb "I noticed a discernible difference in my sound, no more pillows". His sound technicians quoted "that the drum was instantly eq'd and made their life a lot easier" and in their world served as an acoustic bass drum filter. Johhny Rabb went on to say that over the course of moving the kit from gig to gig "it did not move out of place and his sound was consistent every night". We feel that to be an advantage to any drummer in any professional setting. SledgePad was featured in the April 2016 Drum Magazine article named Controlled Explosions (A Roundup of Commercial Bass Drum Mufflers). AJ Donuhue who did the actual testing came up to me at the NAMM show to tell me once again what a great product we have. His review stated that with SledgePad "I found the product to be very easy to install you simply plant them on the bottom of your kick-drum remove the tape tab covers and put the heads back on. The Pad never moved during transport. I picked up my kick drum and shook it around like King Kong with a bi plane. Tonally, the large SledgePad brought immediate focus to the drum, and blew its punchy attack tone through the roof. Big BEEFY and tight. The note was exactly the same from top to bottom, and the added pressure on the batter head aloud me to bring up the tension without sacrificing low end potency. The small model responded very much the same, but left a little more room for rolling lows. This product is tremendously effective in modern amplified settings." We went head to head with KickPro, Protection Racket, DW, Evans, Remo, Gibraltar, DanMar, Gary Chaffee and MuffBone. For SledgePad to be mentioned on the same pages as these well known companies was a honor to say the least and to receive such high reviews proves that our model and design has a spot in the market place.

Mike Vermillion
Any questions please direct to Mike.....SledgePad19@gmail.com

Works well in conjunction with the Kelly Shu System. Pictured 24x18 Kick By 7 Drums owned by Gabriel Muniz
San Antonio, Tx.

SledgePad can custom fit shells from 12" to 22" Deep. Pictured Truth Custom 22x22 maple.