Endorsing Educators

Aaron Edgar

Aaron Edgar is the drummer for Canadian prog-metal band Third Ion, where he showcases some of his most rhythmically adventurous playing. The resulting sound is heavily polyrhythmic, including a song almost entirely based in quintuplets called Van Halien, from their debut release, 13/8bit.

Following the success of his educational drum videos which have millions of views on YouTube he was brought on as the first ‘satellite’ instructor on Drumeo.com. Where he broadcasts weekly live lessons from his personal studio in Manitoba, Canada to this day.

Since 2015 Aaron has been writing monthly articles and producing videos for Modern Drummer magazine which focus on advanced rhythmic concepts and metal drumming. Currently he's and Modern Drummer are hard at work finishing up the first in a series of books, tentatively releasing the first at the beginning of 2018

Aaron has also written and published his own book, Boom!! The Beginner’s Guide To Making Noise which is available on his website. For more information visit AaronEdgarDrum.com / ThirdIon.com

Quote "SledgePad combines the perfect blend of dampening and feel to my bass drum response while having a super phat, warm and punchy tone! On top of that, they look totally badass! I love it!"

Ryan Claxton

Ryan is an energetic and creative drum educator that has spent the last decade perfecting his craft. Having studied with the likes of Aaron Edgar, Ryan has developed a strong pedagogical identity from his time under the tutelage of world class musicians. As a touring musician and session player, he has gained great insight on what it means to be a professional in a band setting, and has picked up great practice and performance tips along the way. Ryan has a well known online presence, as he runs “ClaxtonDrums.ca” where he posts copious amounts of drum lessons, drum covers, and drum playthroughs, which spans across many genres and showcases his strong understanding of musicality and theory.

It’s Ryan’s goal to inspire and motivate his students to want to exceed their potential as a drummer, while having the most fun in the process.

Murray S. Piper

Murray S. Piper received his B.S. Music Degree with concentration in instrumentalists from Morgan State University. Murray has been playing since the age of three years old and have been teaching drums/percussion since 2004. In 2016, Murray was accepted as a member of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). Murray is extraordinary in all styles of music such as, Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Christian, Latin, Marching, Classical, Blues and the list goes on. Murray is a Emmy Nominated drummer for his outstanding role in the 2015 Stage Musical "Oh Gospel" The Evolution of Gospel Music. His drumming & percussion career has launch him into one of the most sought after instructors & drummers of our time. Murray skill level and personalty has brought him some major partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Vic Furth, Sabian Cymbals, Sledgepad, Low Boy, JAMTec USA and Evans Drum Heads. Murray has performed with many Stellers & Grammy artist such as Richard Smallwood, Tamela Mann, Marvin Sapp, Dorinda Clark Cole, Isaiah D Thomas, American Idol contestants and Sunday Best contestants. Murray currently plays full time at the New Antioch Baptist Church of Randallstown in Baltimore MD where the congregation is over 10,000 members. Murray is very proud of the releasing of his latest DVD entitle "Piper's Time 2 Groove" & "Nothing Too Hard" to inspire all musicians around the World. With the launching of Passionate Drumming & Music Lessons, Murray is dedicated to equipping all his students with the instructions for reaching students goals.