Victor Ribas

Having grown up in Seattle, Washington, Victor M. Ribas encountered music for the first time at the age of 5 when his mother and father entered him into piano lessons. Of Latin American and Swedish descent, his father is a physician and guitar player who encouraged Victor’s music career from a very young age. He gave Victor his first drum set on his 12th birthday and since then Victor has enjoyed a successful career, having performed around the world with various acts of many genres and styles.

When Victor isn’t touring you can find him active in Stray Animal Rescue of St. Louis, actively engaging in Buddhism, spending time with his Pitmix dog Siddhartha “Sid" Ribas, running a 20 year old backline company, designing light shows for some of the biggest artists in the world, and enjoying fine cuisine and drinks from some of his extraordinarily talented chef and mixologist friends all over the United States. If you ever find yourself at one of Victor's live performances, be sure to say hi. He absolutely loves meeting new people from all over the world.

Currently, Victor plays for Los Angeles based rock bands Smile Empty Soul and HURT as well as performs with solo artist Sean Danielsen. He independently works with a number of studios as a freelance artist both on drums/percussion and piano/synth. You can also find Victor lending his teaching experience to local WGI drum organizations, giving drum clinics, modeling for large scale talent agencies, and constantly contributing to the music culture in the Midwest United States and elsewhere. Victor is very proudly sponsored or endorsed by Sledgepad Bass Drum Dampening Systems, DDRUM Drums/Hardware/Electronics, Paiste Cymbals,Westone Custom In-Ears, and Shure Microphones. As a session drummer in the St. Louis area, Victor has worked with a plethora of high exposure projects including an annual drum solo project for the St. Louis Blues Hockey team and various session projects in St. Louis' largest and most renowned studios. Always performing with a giant smile on his face, Victor's bombastic and groove oriented performance style, with roots in Jazz, Latin, Contemporary, and Rock and Roll, has fostered an expansive freelance career. His various works have placed him on Billboard numerous times and awarded him the opportunity to work with a slew of artists from all walks of life and styles.

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